Modified PTFE

Modified PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (mPTFE) is a chemically modified form of PTFE. Less than 1% of the fluorine atoms in the PTFE chain are substituted by a perfluoroalkoxy. Modified PTFE has a lower molecular weight than PTFE, which means that particles fuse better.

As a result, the end product is more compact, with fewer voids, and with better weldability than PTFE. The perfluoroalkoxy modifier in modified PTFE acts as an inhibitor of crystallization, ensures better distribution of the crystallites in the amorphous matrix and therefore, the cold flow is drastically reduced. 

Depending on the percentage of modifiers, PB11000 materials can be used in applications that require high creep resistance, or high flexibility, etc.

PBY Material Codes:

PB11000D - Modified PTFE Creep Resistance

PB11001D - Modified PTFE High Flex

PB11002F - Virgin Modified PTFE NXT75

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Modified PTFE Spec. Summary 

Property Test Method Units TYPE III Grade 1 TYPE III Grade 3
Color - - White White
Specific Gravity ASTM D792 - 2.140 - 2.220 2.140 - 2.180
Hardness Shore D ASTM D2240 - 59 - 69 57 - 67
Tensile Strength, min. ASTM D4894 PSI [MPa] 4,060 [28.0] 4,000 [28.0]
Elongation at Break, min. ASTM D4894 % 450 300
Service Temperature High - °F [°C] 500 [260] 500 [260]
Service Temperature Low - °F [°C] -436 [-260] -436 [-260]
Second Melt Peak Temp. ASTM D3418 °F [°C] 615 [324] 615 [324]
Glass Transition Temp. ASTM D3418 °F [°C] -143 [-97]; 246 [119] -143 [-97]; 246 [119]

Material Available In:

Modified PTFE Rods

Modified PTFE Tubes

Modified PTFE Sheets

Modified PTFE Material

  • Smoother Less Porous surfaces lead to less contamination

  • Improved permeation resistance

  • Longer flex life than PTFE

  • Improved creep resistance and increased stiffness

  • Higher dielectric strength yields superior high-voltage insulation

  • Weldable / Fusible

  • Infinite Shelf Life

Typical Applications for
Modified PTFE Plastics:

  • Corrosion-resistant lining of steel parts

  • Valves and pipes

  • Gaskets requiring low deformation under load

  • Improved Weldability lends well to semiconductor applications

  • Carriers for silicon wafers and flat panel displays

Modified PTFE Requirements

PB11000D meets ASTM D4894 Type III Grade 1

PB11001D meets ASTM D4894 Type III Grade 3

PB11002F meets ASTM D4894 Type III Grade 1


Modified PTFE Material
Data Sheet Downloads

PB11000D - Material Data Sheet

PB11001D - Material Data Sheet

PB11002F - Material Data Sheet

Modified PTFE Spec. Compliance

Semiconductor astm


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