Pigmented PTFE

Inorganic pigments confer color to PTFE compounds. They are preferred among other types of pigments because they can withstand the PTFE sintering temperatures.

Inorganic pigments are usually used as color codes for both ease of identification of parts or customization. For specific color requirements, please contact us.

PBY pigmented PTFE materials meet AMS3678/5.

PBY Material Codes:

PB10506 - Pigmented PTFE Deep Blue

PB10507 - Pigmented PTFE Turquoise

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Pigmented PTFE Spec. Summary 

Property Test Method Units Pigmented
Color   - Any
Specific Gravity ASTM D792 - 2.140 – 2.220
Hardness Shore - D ASTM D2240 - 56 - 66
Tensile Strength, min. ASTM D4745 PSI [MPa] 3,000 [20.7]
Elongation at Break, min. ASTM D4745 % 200
Second Melt Peak Temp. ASTM D3418 °F [°C] 621 [327]
Glass Transition Temp. ASTM D3418 °F [°C] -143 [-97]; 246 [119]

Material Available In:

Pigmented PTFE Rods

Pigmented PTFE Tubes

Pigmented PTFE Sheets

Pigmented PTFE Material Properties

  • Improved Visibility

Typical Applications for Pigmented PTFE

  • Variety of Applications dependent on Filler Type and Rate.

Pigmented PTFE Requirements

PB10506 and PB10507 meet AMS3678/5 requirements

Pigmented PTFE Material Data Sheet Downloads

PB10506 - Material Data Sheet

PB10507 - Material Data Sheet

Pigmented PTFE Spec Compliance