Stainless Steel-Filled PTFE

Stainless steel is the other metallic PTFE filler choice when extreme wear resistance to high temperatures is required. Stainless steel is added in in high amounts, usually 50% in weight, which is equivalent to 15% in volume, to improve the thermal conductivity and reduce the deformation under load when Stainless steel-filled PTFE materials are subjected to load at extreme temperatures.

Stainless steel-filled PTFE materials have very good abrasion resistance and compressive strength. Stainless steel-filled PTFE materials are typically used for seats and seals that require high heat and steam applications.

Moreover, stainless steel-filled PTFE materials are highly machinable and comply with FDA and EC regulations, so they are the preferred choice in the food processing industry.

PBY Material Codes:

PB10804 - 50% Stainless Steel 

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Stainless Steel-Filled PTFE Spec. Summary

Property Test Method Units 50 Stainless Steel
Color - - Gray
Specific Gravity ASTM D4894 - 3.20 - 3.60
Hardness Shore D ASTM D2240 - 65 - 75
Tensile Strength, min. ASTM D4745 PSI [MPa] 2,200 [15.2]
Elongation at Break, min. ASTM D4745 % 120
Second Melt Peak Temp. ASTM D3418 °F [°C] 621 [327]
Glass Transition Temp. ASTM D3418 °F [°C] -143 [-97]; 246 [119]

Material Available In:

Stainless Steel-Filled PTFE Rods

Stainless Steel-Filled PTFE Tubes

Stainless Steel-Filled PTFE Sheets

Stainless Steel-Filled PTFE Material Properties

  • Extremely hard wearing

  • Excellent under extreme loads

  • Excellent under extreme temperatures

  • Lowers creep, cold flow and wear

  • Increased thermal and electrical conductivity

Typical Applications for Stainless Steel-Filled PTFE

  • Molded or extruded parts

  • Bearings, seals, rotors and related parts

Stainless Steel-Filled PTFE Requirements

PB10804 meets ASTM D4745 Type I Grade 13 requirements


Stainless Steel-Filled PTFE Material Data Sheet Downloads

PB10804 - Material Data Sheet