ECA 2000 - HTP-ECC

High-Temperature Perfluorpolymer Epitaxially Co-Crystalline (HTP-ECC) is a melt-processable resin specifically designed to work at very extreme high temperatures up to 572°F (300°C) while maintaining its excellent chemical and permeation resistance and electrical properties.

ECA2000 has the highest melting point ~608°F (~320°C) among all our melt processable fluoropolymers, and if heat-treated, so that epitaxial co-crystallization occurs, properties such as creep resistance, crystallinity, and stress-cracking resistance can be enhanced. ECA 2000 has a lower melting flow rate than ECA3000, so it is the preferred choice for compression molded parts. ECA2000 is provided as heat treated unless otherwise specified.

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ECA 2000 HTP-ECC Properties

  • Designed for extreme temperatures

  • Excellent chemical and permeation resistance

  • The highest possible melting point of all melt-processable fluoropolymers (608°F (320°C))

  • Heat Treating provides enhanced creep resistance, crystallinity, and stress-cracking resistance.

Typical Applications

  • Compression Molded Parts

  • Oil and Gas Deep Drilling Environments

  • Oil Well Monitoring Equipment

  • Geothermal Applications

  • Steam-assisted gravity drainage

  • High Temperature Cable Routing Enviroments